The Blue Notebook - James A.

I have a break now. Mamaki Briila is pleased with me and she should be! I have worked hard all morning and now that I tell her I am tired, she smiles at me. “Rest, little Batuk,” she says. “Today will be brimming with riches.” Actually, I am not tired at all. My name is Batuk. I am a fifteen-year-old girl nested in the Common Street in Mumbai. I have been here six years and I have been blessed with beauty and a pencil. My beauty comes from within. The pencil came from the ear of Mamaki Briila, who is my boss. I saw the pencil fall from Mamaki’s ear two nights ago. I had just made sweet-cake and she bustled into my nest with an immense smile, leaned over, pinched my cheek, and kissed the top of my head. As she bent over, the giant sacs of her breasts were thrown in my face so that I could actually see the sparkling of sweat between them. She smelled like us, but worse. She had to hold her back and lurch to get upright again, and as she did her breasts swayed as if they were pets hanging from her

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