我正在尝试编写一个接受字符串列表或单个字符串的函数。 如果它是一个字符串,那么我想将它转换为一个只有一项的数组,这样我就可以循环遍历它而不必担心出错。


The method given in the ECMAScript standard to find the class of Object is to use the toString method from Object.prototype.

if(Object.prototype.toString.call(someVar) === '[object Array]') {

Or you could use typeof to test if it is a string:

if(typeof someVar === 'string') {
    someVar = [someVar];

Or if you're not concerned about performance, you could just do a concat to a new empty Array.

someVar = [].concat(someVar);

There's also the constructor which you can query directly:

if (somevar.constructor.name == "Array") {
    // do something

Check out a thorough treatment from T.J. Crowder's blog, as posted in his comment below.

Check out this benchmark to get an idea which method performs better: http://jsben.ch/#/QgYAV

From @Bharath, convert a string to an array using ES6 for the question asked:

const convertStringToArray = (object) => {
   return (typeof object === 'string') ? Array(object) : object


let m = 'bla'
let n = ['bla','Meow']
let y = convertStringToArray(m)
let z = convertStringToArray(n)
console.log('check y: '+JSON.stringify(y)) . // check y: ['bla']
console.log('check y: '+JSON.stringify(z)) . // check y: ['bla','Meow']

This is the fastest among all methods (all browsers supported):

function isArray(obj){
    return !!obj && obj.constructor === Array;

As MDN says in here:

use Array.isArray or Object.prototype.toString.call to differentiate regular objects from arrays

Like this:

  • Object.prototype.toString.call(arr) === '[object Array]', or

  • Array.isArray(arr)